In the approximately 4,000 years since it was discovered in China, Tea has passed on its many stories, myths and rituals that continue to fascinate millions of people around the globe.

According to one legend from the old times of the Tang dynasty, Bodhidharma, who was a founder of the Zen Buddhist school, was meditating in front of a wall for nine years. One day during his practice he happened to fall asleep. Being disdainful for his weakness he cut his eyelids, which fell on the ground and took roots, later growing marvellous tea bushes.

This site represents the collaboration of two people, me and my colleague from China, who is in epicenter of all the tea related activities.Here you will find a special collection (which will continue to grow) of top quality Chinese Tea that has been meticulously selected over many years and became very dear to me. Some products were carefully chosen from natural reserves such as Tun Mu (red tea) and Wu YI SHAN (oolong tea), other material from old trees that grow at altitudes above 1000m (sheng and shu), and of course teas that continue to be traditionally processed even in the era of technology (green and white tea).

We are happy to have you here and hope to help you get on the nice way – the way of tea.